Brochure Websites

Once a brief was handed over, these websites were designed and built by myself, using the Bootstrap framework. A mockup was designed in Photoshop and sent over to the client for approval. Once in build, I was in constant contact with the client until the site launch and was also there to provide any support needed, after the launch.


Although PASSfm had a website, they felt it was out of date and needed a complete redesign.

Using the logo as a basis, the colour scheme was revamped and new design made cleaner, as well as having bold and eye-catching features such as large rolling banners, services boxes and a full width 'request a callback' to generate more enquiries.

A Twitter feed was also incorporated into the footer of the site to keep customers up to date with the latest news and offers.


PBR Coaching

PBR Coaching

The client requested a brand new website, based on their professional development and performance coaching.

The design was kept clean and professional as well as using a colour scheme taken from the logo. A newsletter feature was added and links to social media, to connect the audience as much as possible to the business and generate positive leads.

Following the completion of the website, a second, similar website was commissioned.

ESP Projects

The client required their current website to be modernised, to make it look more up to date.

A fresh design was created and content copied across into a new responsive brochure website, making use of subtle animations to enhance user experience and a strong rolling banner on the homepage.

ESP Projects

Aycliffe Fabrications

Aycliffe Fabrications

The client's current brochure website was both outdated and in need of new content adding. The website was completely redesigned, giving it a fresh new look whilst making it fully responsive, for viewing on all mobile devices.

One of their latest projects was put into a large banner on the homepage for maximum impact. A subtly animated timeline was added into the relevant case study page, providing a step by step story of the project from start to finish.

Various calls to action were also included to invite customers to contact the company.

Uno Momento

Uno Momento wanted a redesign of their current website; they wanted the design to be more rustic and authentic and to advertise both of their restaurants in Darlington and Stokesley.

Using the new logo (now changed) a design was created, representing the overall look and feel of the restaurants and the new brochure website contains an integrated gallery, menu section and feedback form.

Uno Momento

Development Websites

These websites were designed by myself and built using Bootstrap, either around WordPress or integrated into a bespoke CMS by a developer.

Whitehouse Funeral Service

The current website was in need of modernising and wasn't fully accessible to all users.

A clean, professional and responsive was built, accessible on all devices, showing the services that are offered in an easy to navigate menu.

A bespoke content managed system was integrated so the client could update content.

Integrated announcements and news sections were also included, as well as testimonials and the ability to book a pre-paid funeral plan.

Whitehouse Funeral Service

Nicholson Consultancy

Nicholson Consultancy

The current website was outdated and the client asked for a complete redesign, whilst still keeping the majority of the content.

A mockup was created, based around the branding and the requirements of the client, and once agreed, the website was built using WordPress.

Various plugins were added to enhance certain features, such as a callback request button.

Testimonials and logos of companies that use Nicholson Consultancy's services were added to add confidence in the brand and useful videos were integrated from their YouTube channel.

A second website was commissioned shortly after the launch.

E-commerce Websites

Following an initial brief, these websites were designed and built by myself, using the Bootstrap framework and Magento platform.


The company is committed to innovation and to the research and development of next generation products, however their website was outdated and didn't portray the company to its full potential.

A new, modern website was built on the Magento platform, giving it the potential to become an e-commerce website in the future and incorporating a timeline 'about us' feature, FAQ's section and downloads pages.

WordPress was also added as a blog and an events section in addition to this, where customers can book an appointment.


Dynamic CCTV

Dynamic CCTV

As the client's current website was in need of modernising, a fresh new design was agreed and a responsive eCommerce website was built.

Multiple editable regions were created so the client could update aspects of the design and WordPress was integrated for the news section.

WordPress Websites

A mockup design was passed over to myself, along with a wireframe and siteflow. Using these, I developed custom themed WordPress websites, with functionality tailored to the needs of the client.

Boldon School

With their current website in need of a refresh, a bright and bold design was created, combined with subtle animations once built.

Galleries were implemented, to show off students' work, as well the Facebook feed pulling into the homepage, to update users on the latest news.

The sidebar was used on the inner pages. containing relevant links and subpages for easy navigation.

Custom fields were generated so that the editing process was as easy as possible.

Boldon School

ROAR Digital Marketing

ROAR Digital Marketing

The client wanted something eye catching and unique, as their current website wasn't generating the leads they wanted.

Bespoke graphics were created and unique layouts were built for the service pages, incorporating the look and feel of the brand.

Calls to action were included on the majority of the pages and various Analytics tools were implemented, so the client could track conversions.


The client requested a refreshed, more eye catching look to the current website.

Working closely with the client, layouts were created for the inner pages that reflected the content required and recent projects and services were pulled onto the homepage, as well as testimonials to build trust.


High Street Quilting

High Street Quilting

The current website was very outdated and didn't showcase the company as well as it could.

A fresh new design was created and carried through into the inner pages, as well as implementing workshop calendar functionality, where the user can see upcoming workshops in a list, month, week, day or photo view.

Branding / Marketing

On occasion, I have produced branding and marketing materials where needed, both in work and for freelance.

Freelance Branding

A selection of logos created for freelance clients, ranging from party planners to gaming clubs.



Marketing Materials

Produced both in the industry and for freelance, these ranged from business cards and leaflets to roller banners.

A particular advert was also featured in Living North magazine.

Last Night of Freedom

In my role as graphic designer, projects included re-building the website from scratch, coming up with new ideas for news article layouts, image editing, photography and video editing.

Location Guides

One of my first tasks at LNOF was to produce location guides for both Stag and Hens, in our best selling locations.

Starting with Newcastle, a 42 page guide was created, detailing everything from Newcastle nightlife, activities and hotels to travel information and helpful facts and figures.

Last Night of Freedom
Last Night of Freedom


After a department reccy to Dublin, our hard earned research was used to create some useful infographics, to highlight what the location has to offer hen and stags.

I was also able to improve my photography skills whilst there, having to document all the activities we were involved in, for use on the website.

T-Shirt Designs

After the purchase of a new t-shirt printer which allowed direct-to-garmet printing, I was asked to design a few t-shirts to be sold via Amazon in time for Christmas.

These were created in Illustrator and exported as high resolution pngs, to be used with the printing software.

Last Night of Freedom
Last Night of Freedom Last Night of Freedom

Website / Ops and Suppliers Systems

After working at LNOF for a year as a graphic designer, I was asked to work alongside one of the senior developers to rebuild the entire website, making the code cleaner and implementing a mobile first approach.

Working with the developer, a bespoke grid system was designed and each page was totally rebuilt, using Microsoft Visual Studio. Once a page was built, it was then passed over to the developer to add in the functionality using C#.

Page speeds were monitored throughout the project with images optimised and css / js minimised.

New graphics were also designed / updated where appropriate, for example header banners.

I also implemented a fresh new design on some of the article pages and had the opportunity to do some photography and video editing throughout my time there as well.

The internal Operations CRM was also given a refresh; I assisted the senior designer with some UI elements of this, as well as the new suppliers system, so that it was as easy to use as possible for both the internal team and external clients.